Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells and PRP


We carefully evaluate and qualify patients for stem cell therapy. Not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy and not everyone who receives stem cell treatment sees improvement in their condition. However, we have had success with a number of our patients using regenerative therapy and consider it an effective and valuable treatment option when patients are selected properly.


Advanced Diagnostic Pain Treatment Center provides regenerative stem cell therapy using adult stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections for disc and joint pain. Regenerative stem cell medicine differs from traditional pain management treatments, such as narcotic medications and surgery, in that it stimulates the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal damaged tissue.

traditional joint and disc treatments

There has never been any treatment available to heal worn out joints and discs of the spine. Treatment has essentially been palliative and managed but not healed. Palliative management has consisted of lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, activity restrictions, and others), physical therapy, injections and medication. When severe, surgery has been an option for both joint and spine degenerative disease.  Joint replacement, disc replacement and fusion were available to those with severe limitations in function related to the degenerative process. These surgeries hold both great promise and great risk. Surgery results in irreversible structural change. It is a “bridge burner” in that surgery forever changes the anatomy.  In many cases surgical outcome is good and justifies this change in anatomy. In some, however, the change results in worsening of the original pain and overall worsening of function. Statistics show poorer outcomes with each successive surgery. Unfortunately, it is difficult, if not impossible to predict a successful surgical intervention in any individual patient. Successful treatment is usually temporary and measured over years since surgical joint prosthetics wear out and require revision and replacement. Spine fusion speeds the degenerative process at adjacent vertebral levels.

potential for healing with regenerative medicine

Stem cell therapy, available now, is a means to stimulate healing in patients suffering both joint and disc related pain. Although we do not know how long lasting this treatment will be, we do know that the structure of the joint or spine is not changed with regenerative treatment as it is in surgery.  When patients are properly selected, outcomes are quite good.  Best of all, stem cell treatment does not change anatomy and surgical options continue to be open and available if necessary. See additional sections on this site for details on stem cell and PRP therapies.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment

For more information on stem cell therapy, visit the About Stem Cell Therapy and Stem Cell FAQ sections of this site.

For a helpful basic introduction to stem cells, visit the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Introduction to Stem Cells.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is rich in growth factors, cytokines and activators that provide an environment conducive to tissue repair. Blood is drawn from the patient and then centrifuged to concentrate the plasma with the patient’s own platelets. This platelet rich plasma is then injected into the damaged or diseased area. PRP supports the body’s own natural healing abilities to repair damaged tissues.

If the patient is undergoing stem cell therapy using stem cells collected from body fat, PRP will also be prepared and injected in order to provide the stem cells the additional material containing growth factors and other nutrients.