Payment and Insurance

Advanced Diagnostic Pain Treatment Centers are in network with Medicare and most major insurance companies. Patients are responsible for confirming their specific plan benefits with their insurance company.

Our Billing Policy

  • We will bill your insurance carrier for services furnished to you. While this bill is pending with insurance you will not be billed for charges that you will be responsible for through the end of 2019. Delayed responses from insurance may result in delayed charges billed to patients. Starting January 1st, 2020, we will collect $100 upon check-in for patients who have not met their deductible.

  • Copays are expected to be paid in full upon check in and we accept checks, cash or credit card. We also accept FSA/HSA credit cards. We do not accept Care Credit.

  • When your insurance carrier makes a payment or issues a denial we will bill you for any copays, coinsurance or deductibles due according to the insurance explanation of benefit form (EOB). These amounts billed should match the EOB you received from your carrier.

  • We expect payment of your balance in full when you check in for your visit. You can also feel free to send us a check when you receive your billing statement or if you prefer you can pay by debit or credit card over the phone. We do not accept online payments. Payment is required in full for balances under $200.00. Payment plans are available for patients with balances over $200.00 but these balances must be paid off within six months of the payment plan agreement.

  • Our office charges patients for filling out forms. Most forms are $25 and are not covered by your insurance. There are forms that require research, time, effort and thought to complete. The fee for these forms will vary depending upon the work involved.

  • Our office charges your insurance carrier for telephone correspondence with you regarding your care. There may be a copayment associated with these charges depending upon your carrier.

  • We charge a fee for returned checks. If more than one check is returned for nonpayment we will not be able to accept your check for services here.

  • Our office charges for missed appointments without 24 hour notice for follow-up appointments and 48 hours notice for new patient and procedure visits. These charges are $30.00 for missed Office Visits and $75.00 for missed Procedures or new patient Consultations.

Office of the Healthcare Advocate

If you are experiencing delays or denials in receiving benefits from your insurance company, you can reach out to the Office of the Healthcare Advocate and they will help you resolve issues on a case-by-case basis.

Sean T. King
Office of the Healthcare Advocate
PO Box 1543
Hartford, CT 06144
860-331-2499 fax