Stem Cell Therapy Patient Case Studies

We carefully evaluate and qualify patients for stem cell therapy. Not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy and not everyone who receives stem cell treatment sees improvement in their condition. However, we have had success with a number of our patients using regenerative therapy and consider it an effective and valuable treatment option when patients are selected properly.

Tom O.

Tom is a 29-year-old man who was working on his PhD in physics when he lifted an instrument while on the job. He experienced immediate back pain. He was diagnosed with three-level degenerative disc disease. He had undergone a discogram which demonstrated all 3 levels to be symptomatic. He underwent surgical disc replacement of the 2 lower discs.  There was some improvement in pain however; still disabling, broad-based low back pain with radiation into the bilateral buttocks posterior and inner thigh, calf and the foot persisted. He described his back pain as a sharp dagger-like sensation with a background ache. He felt sensations of burning and bruising in his legs. His function was poor.  Tom spent most of his day in bed. He estimated 70% of his daytime hours were sedentary and he was unable to perform chores and found walking, sitting and driving to be quite difficult.
In October 2015 he underwent stem cell treatment to his symptomatic L3-4 disc. After 5 weeks of healing Tom reported that the region of his low back pain shrank from a very large area involving most of the low back to a small 3 inch diameter region. His leg pain all but resolved with only occasional radiation into his left buttocks. His back pain was still described as sharp but occurred only occasionally and there was an underlying ache and stiffness there. He found that he was much better able to sleep and was able to engage in chores including doing the laundry and walking the dog several times a day.  Also, Tom found that he was able to go out and socialize and drive for longer periods of time. Overall Tom experienced 90% relief of his leg pain and 60-70% reduction of his low back pain. Individual results may vary.

Elsie P.

Elsie's pain began after she was in a car accident that resulted in a torn disc injury. Prior to stem cell therapy, she was treated with spinal epidural injections and a spinal cord simulator. Elsie states that she was in constant, unbearable pain, unable to sit or stand for more than a few minutes and walking was excruciating. She used a heating pad nearly 24 hours a day and was on medications for her pain. Post stem cell therapy she is now off of her pain medication, with 80-90% pain free functionality. She can bend forward and backward, reach in to the washing machine, vacuum and feels good and strong. Elsie recommends the procedure as it was an easy process. It took about 2 months for her to feel a difference. Individual results may vary.

Lorelei E.

"I had a work related injury. I fell out of a tow truck injuring my back. I was diagnosed with three annular tears at L1/L2, L3/L4, L5/S1 with nerve impingement. Very painful. I had 4 epidurals with no success or relief of pain and my life and mobility suffered greatly. I was not a surgical candidate due to the large areas of tears. I was first told of this procedure from an orthopedic surgeon who is a friend of mine. I must say I went in rather skeptical. Boy was I wrong. This has been a healing sent from God. I was told I would not feel too much of a difference until January. I had surgery on November 23, 2015.  It is December 16, 2015 and I am feeling fantastic. Probably 80% which feels like a miracle.  I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is in pain and hopefully will not have to go the 1.5 years of pain I had to endure. I can not say enough. Thanks for giving me back my life." Individual results may vary.

Elizabeth (Liz) C.

In October 2014 Liz underwent a stem cell injection of her right knee. At the time she was scheduled for complete knee replacement due to severe osteoarthritis. She found any weight bearing like standing, walking and stair climbing to be difficult and painful. After a period of healing she cancelled her scheduled knee surgery because of improvement in both pain and function. She ultimately retired and moved from Connecticut to Nashville, Tennessee. When she was interviewed in December 2015 she reported walking 5 miles per day and working on a production line at Amazon which required standing full time.  She reported that when she consulted an orthopedist in Tennessee for her other knee (which was previously replaced) an x-ray of the stem cell treated knee was "normal". She is quite happy with the results. Individual results may vary.