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Lumbar mapping is a diagnostic proce­dure that allows your doctor to determine the source of yourpain.

Between two verte­brae is a joint called the facet joint. This joint provides stability and guides spine mobility. When these joints become inflamed, they may cause pain in the lower back, buttocks, groin or legs.

The amount of immediate pain relief you experience after the facet injection will help confirm or deny the source of your pain.

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Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is a non­-surgical technique initially introduced  in 1974 for treatment of chron­ic low back pain.

With this technique, heat is used to create a  lesion - an interruption at the nerve tail. This blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain. The nerve itself is not damaged.
The equipment used allows lesioning of small nerves without damage to the nearby sensory or motor nerves.

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The discogram is used to confirm or exclude the disc as pain generator. It is the bridge between the anatomy seen on your imaging and your pain. Imaging does not show pain, it shows anatomy. That is the role of the discogram.

The discogram is performed on the degenerative disc levels seen on your imaging. In addition, usually one control level is selected.

A full history and physical examination with emphasis on identifying pain generators and understanding baseline neurological function is performed prior to the study.

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Narcotic Medication Programs

Narcotics or Opiods are potent medications related to morphine that are used to treat pain and its related symptoms.   

There are both positive and negative aspects to narcotics. Your doctor has carefully considered the risks and benefits of opiates in your treatment. Our commitment andresponsibility to you is to provide adequate monitoring of the use of these medications to insure your safety and the safety of the com­munity at large.

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