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What tools are available to achieve the individual's functional goals set for treatment?

Most people think of medication when they hear “pain management.”  Medication may be a part of pain management, but there are many more treatment options and in fact, in order to achieve optimum benefit from treatment, multiple treatment modalities are often required.  The patients who have the best response to treatment are those who are open to treatment options that are recommended to them.  As part of the process of pain management, some treatments will be helpful, and others less so.

This is so because, it is easy to predict how a population of patients are likely to respond to a form of treatment, but far more difficult to predict how a single individual might respond.  Through this process of “trial and hope” progress is made.

In addition, Advanced Diagnostic Pain Treatment Center specialists work closely with referring physicians and use an interdisciplinary approach when indicated to improve outcome. Our physicians offer a comprehensive range of advanced non-invasive and minimally-invasive pain management techniques, including:

Structured and Supervised Medication Programs

Injection based treatments:

Trigger point injections
Joint injections
Nerve blocks
Neuroablation using both cryoablation and radiofrequency energy
Epidural steroid injections
Diagnostic discography

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment:

Intradiscal for spine related disc pain                                    
Intra-articular for degenerative arthritis

Advanced Pain Management Techniques:

Spinal Cord Stimulation (Neurological Pacemaker)                                    
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation



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