OUR testimonials

“1 consider stemcells to be one of the great advancements in medicine. I experienced great improvement and reduced pain and am a great supporter of it. I liked best how noninvasive and easy the procedure was. I can’t wait my hips done as well.” Advise to those considering it: “Get in line as quickly as possible”

— Colin M. Knee

“I didn’t know what to expect and I came out without having back pain or pain running down my legs.”

— Frank/ Spine

“It works. Dr. Robbins is absolutely phenomenal.”

— Lorelei/ Spine

“I was surprised how little pain and how concerned the doctor was about me not having pain during the procedure. This was the best thing I’ve done. Some days the knee feels 90% better. I can go up and down the stairs like nothing happened. I’m so glad I did it. The doctor treated me like an equal without being condescending like other doctors.”

— Robert/ knee

“Knowing that stemcells come from your own body—it’s a better option than what other doctors would offer a young person. If it makes sense financially, there is no reason not to—no downside to doing it.”

— Kelly, Age 27 Spine

“I was surprised at how fast the pain left. I definitely recommend it.”

— D. /Spine

“I was concerned whether or not it would work and the expense, but it was worth it. For my lower back, it was great-1 rarely have pain like before. I was surprised how quickly it worked—within 3months and how quick recovery from the surgery was. The stemcells gave me hope and allowed me to return to everything I didn’t think I’d be able to do.”

— Maryilrnii44.